High School

I wanna hold your hand tonight. I wanna hold your hand.
I wanna hold your hand tonight. I wanna hold your hand.
I don’t know why people
Cry over such simple things.
I don’t understand people
Who fail to free themselves.
I’m on a cloud dancing with you tonight.
(I’m so excited I wrote you a note tonight.)
Let’s be together holding each other tight.
It feels so right.

Fearless Love

All I need is love.
You can’t take that away.
You’ve been reigning on me
Bring the hail . . . uhh.
You break me down to build me up
Are you scared of what you’ll see?
Pure love.
When I’m down on my knee
That is when I am weak.
You could be tough
But you could be me.
If drugs are love
Then prescribe me please
But if my weakness is your plea
Then kneel with me.

Lovin’ Everyday

And I’m lovin every day of my life!
I’m lovin every day of my life!
Lovin every day with my wife!
Lovin every day of my life!
I’m not a manager. I’m no president.
I’m not an executive. I’m just a small town boy.
Raised in the sugar cane. Every week we prayed for rain.
I drive a pick up truck. I’m just a small town boy.
Not much for money. It seems to corrupt good people.
I watch the sun set behind the live oak tree.
Sunday morning breakfast . . . son, wife and baby girl.
Not nothing fancy, but that’s my world.
I don’t like it when the flowers grow between the streets.
I don’t like when city lights drown out the moon.
I don’t like more than three stop signs in a town.
I’m just a small town boy.

Where I Belong

I’m not a man who likes to admit when he’s wrong
But you overwhelm me
Though I’d prefer to remain where I am you remind me that
Your love makes me feel like
Oooooh . . . Oooooh . . . Oooooh . . . Oooooh
You lift me up when I am down
You give me hope when I’m without
The closer I get the harder I fall
I won’t relent. I won’t forget where I belong.
I am the one who tears us apart but I know
You will forgive me
When I return to the place where you are it reminds me that
Your love makes me feel like Ooooooooh
My love is all I have to give.
Your love is all that I need
We should be together
You bring out the best in me
You make me all that I am
Your heart is where my home is
La de da . . .
Your heart is where my home is
La de da . . .
We should be together


Running away doesn’t change the truth.
Hiding doesn’t make it go away.
Time doesn’t erase.
Darkness doesn’t heal the pain.
Regret only lasts as long
As fear is strong.
So face up to the day,
And hold on, hold on.
Everybody come to the table of confession
Where freedom takes the place of fear and love breathes.
Love breathes. Love breathes. Love takes a deep breath in me.
Healing is what we all need.
Wounds only last as long as there’s pain in your heart.
The scar will remain but you won’t be the same.
Love won’t wait another day to cover you, to make you new.
Love will breathe. Love will breathe.


I’m in disbelief that this girl is on her knees
She’s asking God to take everything and she doesn’t have anything
And yet she’s smiling.
Why is it that a girl with decision skills like an angel
Has to suffer in life a living hell?
Is it fair that she’s an orphan living on the streets?
Is it fair that I have always had food to eat?
I’m the one who needs to sacrifice my very self;
Things I think I need I know are only for my wealth.
Her conviction is the help I think I really need
The gift she has to give to me is humility.
I’m in disbelief that this girl is on her knees in the middle of the street.
She’s asking God to take everything and she doesn’t have anything.
And yet she’s smiling.
She asks the Lord to heal the world of our greed.
She don’t have anything.
What she has is not for sale and it can’t be found.
Its freely given to the children of the world
Cause what she has is faith in God.
That’s why she has everything.

Totally Falling

I am totally falling in love with You.
May there be less and less of me, and more of You.
When I put myself first, would You move me behind?
I’ll relentlessly follow Your will and surrender mine.
I will surrender mine.


I know that you’re probably confused.
I know that it’s hard to understand.
I know that you’re gonna miss me. I’m gonna miss you too.
(And I promise you I’m holding your hand.)
And I will till we meet again in the promised land.
Home . . . Take me home to this heaven where I belong.
Up with my Father and the angels to this place where I belong.
The questions pierce me deep inside. Burden my soul.
The loneliness is heavy. But I am not alone.
Home . . . Take me home to this heaven where I belong.
Up with my Father and the angels to this place where I will be o.k. I’ll be alright.
Strong. Keep on being strong. Hold on to each other.
Keep on being strong and turn to prayer ‘cause when you need me I will meet you there.

I Will Follow

I will follow you down the dusty road,
Whatever it means for me
I hope it means for you!
I am trusting you with my destiny
It’s not mine to lose,
It’s all yours to prove!
I woke up to the sun after sleeping in the cold.
Last night’s dark sky was precisely my soul.
No stars, no moon just one dark empty hole,
But the sun rose this morning I surrender control.
And I give in
I give up
Sun shine down
And light this dark sky up!
La de die die die, do dit do,
Da Da Dot Dot Da,
De Dit Dit Dit De.
This very air I breathe, I need desperately.
If you don’t give it to me,
I will cease to be!


Time will tell just what you’re thinking.
I’m not into your games or your drinking.
You’re gonna see your cage soon.
I will not feel sorry for you.
Hey friend, you’re falling in, clueless to your sins.
Confused at what’s happy. Blind to the truth. Who’s gonna save you?
Turn your head and roll your eyes.
Hide behind your fake disguise.
Run away and close your ears.
Lord knows your tears.
Hey friend, you’re sinking in.
Got to stop this hell bound binge.
If its not you it’s gonna be me.
If you can’t save you then save me.
Can’t you see in the dark in your dreams
That your life is anything but peace.
I’m not wise, I’m just your best friend.
I’m no better in the end.

One Light

Everyone and everything
Looks the same now and then.
We pretend not to see
The one and only.
Is there any way to tell
When heaven covers hell?
Is there any place to hide
When darkness flees from light?
What if time stood still?
What if killers couldn’t kill?
Would we all begin to see
The one and only?


Come on . . . . Even flow.
Come on . . . . Here we go.
Souls beginning,
Never ending,
Everything remains the same.
God is living.
Heaven’s giving.
Everything remains the same.
Heaven knows how I feel.
Don’t deny me my real.
Won’t you flow away?
Fly a wave.
Questions burning,
People yearning,
Everything remains the same.
Minds are turning,
Children learning.
Everything remains the same.

Tiny Slit

The clouds were so dark.
The lights were so dim.
The dirt was so hard.
The world was so grim . . . My heart was slow
Oooooh . . . Because I was in love.
Now the moon smiles.
Now the rose sings.
The dew from the morning
Softens this world.
My heart has grown.
Oooooh . . . . Because you are in love.
Oooooh . . . . Because we are in love.
Oooooh . . .
Because we’re in love the stars will dance.
Because we’re in love the Sonlife will grow.
A tiny slit will break the sky.
Blessings will fall . . .

Misconstrued (Words Are Pearls) (Carter)
When I said I loved you I meant it
But I did not mean it like that.
When I said I needed you I was sincere
But baby I was not impure.
Filters and fakeness would have saved a little face.
Fears and inhibitions could have been my saving grace.

We were made to walk in Eden,
Naked, beautiful and true.
We’ll just have to wait for heaven,
Resurrected and made new.
I won’t hide behind I’m sorry.
I don’t regret the words I’ve said.
I should have chosen them more wisely.
Now I fear your trust in me is dead.

Razor’s Edge


Fire inside, ice within
But hate is far away.
Cover my eyes, open my soul.
Love is on its way.
Ooooooh . . . . . sin was alive in me.
Ooooooh . . . . . angels will be by me.
Anger inside, fear within
But hate is far away.
Open your eyes, close your mind
Love is on its way.
I will hold on to the things
That will keep me believing (bleeding).
I will peacefully dream my
Way back to freedom.